When it comes to limiting kids device time there’s a lot of ideas out there and even Apple and Google are getting in on the trend – but one Aussie idea takes it to a whole new level and it’s just launched online.

TechDen has launched on Kickstarter and is seeking backers to buy it’s device before production with shipping due later this year. And it’s unique.

The idea is that your kids devices are stored away in TechDen for charging, but importantly they are locked away when device limits are in force.

So if your kids have used all their screentime the devices can’t be accessed.

Simple right? Yep. But there’s a flaw in this idea – what if the kids have the device in their hand and push through their screen time limits. That’s where the companion app gets involved. The app knows if the device is stored away, so it knows and counts when it’s out of the box and kids are rewarded for getting it back put away in time.

“The modern world is dealing with a very new and universal problem. Our kids are hooked on smartphones and tablets. When parents try to manage screen time it can cause major conflict in the home. That was the case for me, my friends and nearly every single parent that I’ve spoken to,” says James Symons, dad and TechDen CEO.

Parents create the schedules, and following the long held advice that you can’t just impose rules but you must discuss and agree on these with your kids, the kids play a role in enforcing their own screen time.

“When creating TechDen, our focus was not on taking away screen time for kids, but rather to promote a positive balance between screen time and family time,” says Symons. “We, along with other industry experts, understand that the use of technology is unavoidable and invaluable, but we believe boundaries should be set. A big part of this was involving children in the scheduling and decision-making process. That way there’s an emotional buy-in; they’re invested and naturally develop healthy habits that become the norm.”

Sick of yelling across the house “five more minutes!” – well, according to TechDen studies show that an on-screen notification of screen time limits is much more effective, again, that’s where the app comes in!

It’s an Aussie invention, from a Perth based Dad, but it’s listed online for global appeal – starting at $119 for the earliest backers (around $159 AUD)

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