Email from Ellen from Chifley, NSW

I’ve been using an ASUS laptop, intel pentium, Windows 7, since October 2011. I have replaced the battery once, about 18 months ago.
I use the computer primarily to finish off a manuscript which at the moment is 300 pages (on Office). Other than that I use Google and email a lot.
My laptop is really slowing down (age, I expect). Can you suggest to me a reliable laptop that I can purchase for my needs? I am a senior and will shop about for the best price if you can give me some choices.

Trev Says:

Ellen, honestly, you don’t need a laptop.  Get that manuscript, save it to OneDrive or Google Drive so its safe and secure in “the cloud”.  Get a tablet, Samsung or Apple, with a keyboard accessory, and install Office (Office can be installed on iPads and Android Tablets).

In the end, that’s a $500 purchase, plus a keyboard, and a subscription to Office ($100 a year).

It’s all you need.