Email from James in Canning Vale, WA

Hi Trevor. I’m looking at buying a doorbell/camera for security at home and was wondering what your thoughts were on what is the best buy. I purchased a Uniden Guardian but it doesn’t work through glass and I’m not keen on mounting it outside for fear it will be stolen. From what I have read on the interweb the biggest issue seems to be WiFi connectivity. My modem is about 20 feet from the front door. I’m still on ADSL2 and will be for some time. I’m happy to hard wire it if necessary. If it comes with a separate screen that can be mounted in the kitchen that is OK too.

Love your segments here on 6PR.

Trev Says:

Tough one!  So many options, but also so many issues.  ADSL2 is one big issue, these internet connected ones need a solid connection to really work.  If you want remote (ie: from your smartphone) monitoring – the speeds might be a problem.  WiFi issue with Ring (doorbell) or any can be resolved with a good network at home, like Orib, Velop, Covr or Google Wifi.

If you can live without the remote monitoring, go for a Uniden product – they have loads, screw them into the wall, theft is always a risk – but mate, screwed in it’s a harder job!

For remote monitoring, Arlo are amazing, simple, wire-free, easy setup.  The Ring products too – even Uniden have a wire-free camera solution.  BUT – as I say, the issue will be your internet speeds – for now.