That’s not a portable hard drive – THIS is a portable hard drive. Samsung’s new portable solid state drive (SSD) named the Samsung Portable SSD X5 is literally next level stuff.

A 50GB version costs $629, the largest 2TB version will set you back $2,199 with a 1TB in between them. Those prices alone should indicate the level of performance under the hood here.

They go on sale in Australia next month, and boy do they look the part:

Sleek design, drawing cues from the aerodynamic modelling of the world’s fastest cars – this will stand out on the desk of any pro user.

Claudio Cardile from Samsung Electronics Australia says“Samsung has developed the new Portable SSD X5 for people who demand the ultimate performance and portability and this includes people working in creative and digital fields who require fast, reliable technology that does not compromise on delivering the best possible outcomes.”

“The Portable SSD X5 will help Australians edit high resolution videos, render 3D images, and engage in other data-heavy activities quickly and on the go.

“This product breaks new ground for our premium SSD portfolio and will open our customers to incredible speed and storage, as well as read and write capacity.”

This is the kind of device that when plugged into a Thunderbolt port would allow a pro video editor to work entirely off the external drive with almost no performance impact.

“With sequential read speeds of up to 2,800 MB/s*, the Portable SSD X5 marks a new chapter in portable storage for Samsung. Capable of transferring a 20GB 4K video file in approximately 12 seconds**, we believe Australians will be amazed by what X5 will empower people to do.”

Not for everyone, but the pros out there will be drooling over these ones.