Well they’re not mucking about – the 2018 IFA show in Berlin is going to be known as the birth of consumer 8K with Samsung today joining LG in announcing 8K TVs.

This is no trial, demo, or test TV, Samsung are releasing 8K in four sizes – 65, 75, 82 and 85 inches and the sets will feature what Samsung is calling 8K AI Upscaling – and that seems to be the important battle ground.

Globally, these sets are due to hit stores in September, with Aussie availability yet to be confirmed though Hass Mahdi, Head of Audio Visual, Samsung Electronics Australia, said: “Samsung is dedicated to delivering the best possible home entertainment experience for Australians. We have continually introduced new TV technology to market for over a decade by continuing to break new ground in design and innovation.

“We want to improve the way Australians experience entertainment, whether through TVs that transform into paintings with The Frame, surround sound from a single soundbar, or the immersion of 75-inch QLED screens that have become the new normal for many households.”

“We are always striving to develop the next innovation that enhances the home cinema experience for Australians. This is why we have not only developed 8K display technology, but also provide upscale features in order to support a beautiful and refined experience for all forms of content resolution across the latest TVs from Samsung.

“With so many people buying larger TVs, the higher resolution rate can take picture quality to the next level, allowing you to sit closer but still see the content look just as it was intended, no matter the size or format.”

“Samsung 8K TV technology will open a fantastic experience for people seeking to ensure they well placed to view the evolution of content into higher resolution formats.”

Spec wise, the sets feature 4,000 nit peak brightness to get a film studio quality picture, and a HDR 10+ capability.

The AI Upscaling will be critical – because there isn’t any 8K content yet, and won’t be much for some time to come.  So the upscaling engine of any TV will be critical to ensuring that a HD or 4K picture is enhanced to fit that huge number of pixels in use.

8K is the talking point at IFA, and it’s going to make CES interesting in January – what on earth could they announce there?