The best guesses in the industry put the first mobile handset with 5G as being announced in 2019 – but even then, the reality of 5G mobile handsets puts Apple and Samsung as announcing 5G capability in their phones in 2020 – so why is Telstra getting excited and announcing ” Telstra turns on 5G on the Gold Coast”.


Telstra CEO Andy Penn is deeply involved in the negotiations currently underway to ratify the 5G standard, so it’s kinda strange that with that all still going on – they’re trying to tell the public Telstra has switched on 5G!

Penn today said “Today’s switch on demonstrates Telstra’s commitment to mobile leadership in Australia and will support the ongoing testing of next generation mobile technologies in Australian conditions to support the early commercial deployment of 5G mobile services,” Mr Penn said.

going on to say “Today we have switched on 5G-capable sites on the Gold Coast, which enable us to test 5G pre-commercial devices in real world conditions and use unique innovations like our Connected Car to test our 5G footprint. It also means we can connect compatible commercial 5G devices for customers in 5G areas as they become available.

The key word there is “commercial”.

Telstra is preparing for devices from companies who will build them to act as a home or business internet gateway – so rather than getting NBN connected, this device will grab a 5G signal and distribute it as WiFi for you.

Not sure you’ll be able to buy one of them till 2019 either.

But – it makes a good headline.

So the bottom line – Telstra reckon they are ahead of the pack when it comes to being “5G ready” – but you’ll not be getting 5G till next year, or more likely the year after.