Belkin have today announced a new curved screen protector for the Galaxy Note 9 and used the occasion to remind Note owners of the range of Belkin accessories that are available to suit their phone.

The “ScreenForce” TemperedCurve Screen Protector will retail for $59.95 at the end of this month online and at major retailers.

I’ve only broken a screen once, and it wasn’t a drop to the ground, it was in a bag with loads of other stuff – a screen protector like this will prevent the bumps and scratches being reflected in the phone for life – and thus reduces your resale value when it’s time to upgrade.

As with many recent Belkin protectors, their unique “Easy Align” tray that comes in the box means you can get a spot on placement when applying your new screen protector.

Of course, that’s not all you can get for your Note 9.

Belkin’s USB-C Car Charger at $49.95 does the trick for in-car charging – and at 15W output it will charge fast too.

Their USB-C home charger also means you’ve got a home based charger which can also charge your USB-C laptop or other devices – retailing at $59.95.

On the bedside or perhaps on your desk at work – a Wireless Charging Pad and Stand. At $109.95 it’s a great looking unit capable of 5W, 7.5W, 9W and 10W charging it suits the Note 9 right down the line.