Spring might officially be behind us but with Summer now with us, it means we’re all spending more time outside and that means we’re all checking out your garden. Time to tidy it up.

Originating from Finland, Fiskars, has been producing tools to tidy those hedges since 1649, basically the dawn of time. We’ve been testing out four of their products that are being sold in bundle, makes a great gift or a simple one stop item for garden maintenance.

The PowerGear 2 UltraBlade Ultimate Pruning Pack includes a pruner, lopper, hedge shear and saw. They all have their own duty in the field and choosing the right one will take it from being a chore to something painless.

The pruner is really interesting. The handle for your fingers rotates on the open/close movement, this means you won’t end up with sores on your delicate hands and good golly these things are sharp, we chewed up a lavender bush very quickly without much effort.

The lopper is hilarious really. It has a beak similar to the pruner but has very long handles and a small mechanism to make every cut too easy. It’s great for small branches and the length helps you reach a little higher too. But it will make you laugh because it really does go through it like butter.

The hedge shear is an interesting one, it does exactly as the name says but on large hedges you’ll be better off investing in an electric hedge trimmer really, it’ll mean straighter hedges too. We dont mind it for a small hedge or where you need to be a bit more detailed and delicate.

The saw is small but mighty, it folds like a flick knife with a locking mechanism and is so light that you don’t expect a strong bite. Take it to a branch too thick for the lopper and it wont take long at all. The serrated blade is very sharp so do be careful!

With fully hardened, precision-ground steel blades, your set will stay as sharp as the day you got them, so you can keep your garden looking its best year after year without needing to replace or sharpen your tools!

Fiskars has packed a heck of a lot of research and development into these tools after so many years in the business, and it’s really obvious once you use the products. If the missus is nagging you about the garden, then you do need the right tools for the job, it’ll make your life easier and save you time. This neat set is exclusive to Bunnings so you’ll have to add $2 to the sale price for the sausage sandwich. The four piece set will cost you $99.

More info: fiskars.com.au