There should be a Nobel prize of some sort for the smart cookies of the accessory world – those folk who come up with an idea for something, build it, and solve the world’s problems one tiny piece of the puzzle at a time.

iMac Owners, listen up. You’ve got those four USB ports, a Couple of USB-C and even an SD card reader. But man are they hard to access.

Most likely for design reasons, Jony Ive stepped in to ensure any simplicity was overruled by the sleek stunning design of the iMac.

Enter Satechi – we’ve seen their expansion hubs for MacBooks and other USB-C devices, but check this out.

It’s their “Type-C Clamp Hub Pro for iMac” – catchy huh:)

But it’s genius. This little guy slots into the underside vents of your iMac, and then with a twist of the dial on the back tightens to stay snug in place.

One USB-C cable up to your USB-C port and you’ve now got three USB ports up front, a USB-C, and an SD card reader (Micro too).

The SD card readers work one card only at a time, and I found the latest high-speed Samsung portable SSD didn’t like operating from the Hub’s USB-C port. But that’s the only negative in terms of compatibility. The previous T5 drive worked AOK.

Oh, the only negative from a design perspective – and blame Apple here – when you push to insert a USB or SD card – the whole monitor tilts back, so it’s a two handed job.

But boy oh boy, my days of reaching around the back of the iMac are well and truely over.

You’ll find them for $79 at JB Hi-Fi and loads of other places.