The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is one of the highest-end smart home products you could pick up in 2018. A visually stunning smart lock with Apple Home integration and a plethora of other unlock methods, this is the type of product for the smart home enthusiast that wants it all.

The good

  • Visually sleek and beautiful lock.
  • Heavily functional with keypad, physical key, app and apple home integration.
  • Presents very sturdy, strong and durable.

The bad

  • Rather noisy compared to similar products.
  • Keypad is thick and requires quite a hard press.
  • Google Home & Amazon Alexa integration don’t work in Australia.

The verdict

Retailing for $313 AUD, the Schlage Sense is a little pricier than other smart lock products we’ve reviewed here at EFTM, but for good reason – The Apple Home integration really can make all the difference and it’s a function we can’t wait to see more often in the industry.


Controversially, I’m starting this review with the style of the lock before how operational it is. This is because ultimately, despite how functional it might be, if it doesn’t look good on the door and/or won’t suit the look of your house, why bother? However there’s no need to fear, the Schlage Sense comes to the table aesthetically speaking.

Don’t just take my word for it… have a look;

The trimmed, sleek steel really completes the look of having a ‘smart’ lock – it simply looks clean and strong. The back of the device is similarly stylish and means the Sense Deadbolt will suit any modern-styled home.


Operationally speaking, there is only one main difference between the Schlage Sense and your other run of the mill smart locks – Apple integration. On top of the keypad, physical key and Schlage app, you’re also able to unlock the Schlage Sense with Apple Home app or Siri through your phone and Apple TV. That sentence was a mess but I needed to convey just how functional this lock is.

One concern that was raised when testing this product was that more methods of entry simply means more vulnerabilities. This is a very valid point and one to consider before picking up the Sense – but it’s a personal choice. I’m of the opinion that if someone really wants access to my house there isn’t much I can do to stop them, which leads me to look at products like the Schlage Sense fondly as I can use it whichever way I find most convenient.

The siri commands for the Schlage Sense are extraordinarily easy, once you set the name of your door/lock, commands are as simple as; “Hey Siri, lock the door” or “Hey Siri, unlock the door”.

Are you with me here? Simple. Once you leave and want to lock the door behind you, simply hold the “Schlage” logo the front of the keypad to lock the door.


Now I mentioned quickly that the Google Home and Amazon Alexa integration aren’t supported yet in Australia which is disappointing, however there is a saving grace. Or at least there is supposed to be… The Schlage Sense Wi-Fi adapter allows you to control the Schlage Sense from anywhere as it connects to your home network and can bridge the gap between your phone and the lock. I say that this is a supposed solution as I can’t find an Australian retailer of the product, which is also to say the adapter may not be Australian compatible (not that I can think of a reason why this would be the case).


The sturdy, weatherproof keypad is tough. But with the good comes some bad and while it’s certainly strong, it requires quite a heavy hand to register each keypress. Along a similar line, there isn’t a “wake” feature – meaning your first press of the keypad will count as an entry. For example, if you walk up to the lock and tap somewhere on the screen, let’s say the #5, it will count the 5 as the first entry in your code. In the dark I can imagine this quickly becomes a little frustrating.

The Schlage Sense operates on four AA batteries and will supposedly last upwards of a year! Not that I could demonstrate this during the length of my review…

You can pick one up at Bunnings either in-store or online for $313 AUD.