The appetite is strong for ditching the cards and switching to your smartphone to make payments with supermarkets being the most popular place for tapping and going with your smartphone.

The Commonwealth Bank has an app that allows for tap and go payments on Android devices, they revealed they have five million app users, and they made 16.8 million transactions in the six months to June 2018 – up 35%.

Today, CommBank adds Visa cards to their tap and pay functionality in the app, as well as enabling Samsung Pay and Google Pay for Commonwealth Bank Visa cardholders.

Michael Baumann from CommBank called the addition a combination of choice and convenience for more customers “Since 2013, our customers have been able to use their smartphones to make payments. By extending the suite of CBA supported digital wallets to our Visa cardholders, we’re providing our customers with even more options to make a payment at the point of sale, whether that be through the CommBank app or their smartwatch.”

“We’re seeing customers who are stretched for time taking advantage of the ease and convenience of digital payments. Our data has revealed that groceries, food and beverages and petrol are the most commonly purchased goods.”

Looking at usage across the CommBank app, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay and the use of CommBank cards, it turns out Major Supermarkets account for one in every five tap and pay transactions, while one in ten are at major fast food chains, with Petrol Stations and other major retailers accounting for one in twenty.

Blokes lead the way, as 75% of digital wallet users.

All the data stacks up for the Commonwealth Bank, adding Visa is a big win.

But one has to ask – with all this data, all this success, all this growth – what the hell are they doing holding off on Apple Pay?  It’s the complete opposite of choice and convenience for their customers.