If you’re like one of many Australians who’ve bought a new television in the last few years, you’re using a smart TV. It has apps for video streaming, music services and even web browsing. The problem usually however is the process of navigating an onscreen keyboard with a directional pad on your TV remote. It’s slow, frustrating and has your guests yawning while you search YouTube for Gangnam Style.

The other common Australian on the couch these days is enjoying TV while also chatting with friends on their smartphone or tablet, it’s the multi-screen experience which we all live when the ads are on or when we’re live tweeting during #QandA.

In both scenarios there is a new product that you might want to look at to improve the experience…. and it’s one product for both situations.

The Logitech K600 is a bluetooth keyboard with trackpad that works for tablets, smartphones, computers and even smart televisions. You can connect it to more than one device at a time too, this means being able to keep the keyboard on your lap for replying to friends on your phone and using Netflix on your TV without reconnecting.

The keyboard features a number of smart keys to left click, right click, browser controls (home, back) and search. The touch pad is a good size, similar to one found on a laptop and allows tapping for clicks also. There is still a directional pad too for any applications that require simple navigation.

The pairing process is very simple and in typical Logitech fashion, it just works. What they do make clear however is that the K600 does not support all smart televisions and their website makes a good effort to list manufacturers it supports and areas of limitations. With our Samsung television we found that most features worked but not all. The volume controls for example didn’t work yet using the keyboard and mouse functions in the TV web browser was exceptional. This meant that buyers should keep the receipt for their purchase, try the keyboard on their television and decide whether it has enough functionality to make it worth the money.

The K600 has a 12 month battery life, it looks good and it really does allow you to make better use of your smart TV while enabling greater productivity of your smartphone, tablet or computer without a hassle.

The Logitech K600 is available now for $99.95