As you’ve probably noticed there’s any number of safety systems at play in vehicles these days. In fact, the number of acronyms or terms can extend past 30 declaring what’s on offer. But there’s three letters that I believe are the most important to look out for, AEB or Autonomous Emergency Braking. As an extension of that you should also be looking at Pedestrian Detection, day or night or even Cyclist Detection.

This year ANCAP, Australia’s crash testing authority, introduced a new scoring system that considers “vulnerable road user protection” ability. In other words, the systems as described above. These features I regard as hidden technology, things you’ll probably never experience. Hence, I’m sure many are a little blase about how important they are.

Funnily enough this week we have the Mazda CX8 in the EFTM Garage. It features an excellent array of standard tech, including the biggie AEB with pedestrian detection.

I just happened to watch its ANCAP crash test video on YouTube today. Do yourself a favour and flick through to the 3.00min mark to see this life saving tech in action. Incidentally we’ll have a full review of the new Mazda CX8 next week.