Game Console bundles are nothing new, buy a new Xbox or Playstation and get a few games bundled in. Well the hottest game right now is still Fortnite, and while the craze has been going a while, there’s likely plenty of kids who play it on an iPad but are keen for a console. Enter Microsoft and their Xbox Fortnite bundle right in time for Christmas.

Available November 2, this Fortnite packaged Xbox starts at $399 for the XBox One S, or $649 for the Xbox One X – they’re both great, the real difference being 4K gaming on the One X.

The deal is great value, because you’re essentially getting the $89 game for free, so – worth it for the look on their face when they open it up for sure.

As a bundle owner you get 2,000 V-Bucks, a special Epic Aurora Glider and Legendary Eon Character outfit – so people you’ll battle against will know you got this console.


  • Xbox One S Fortnite Bundle from AU$399
  • Xbox One X Fortnite Bundle from AU$649