The Google Chromecast is one of the best streaming products on the market. One that’s entirely necessary in any connected/smart home – and we’ve had a leak of the 3rd-generation Chromecast thanks to a ill-prepared Best Buy over in the US.

Reddit user /u/GroveStreetHomie made this post detailing how he walked into Best Buy looking for a Chromecast for his new TV when he stumbled upon this one;

Credit: Reddit User /u/GroveStreetHomie

The 3rd-generation Chromecast is the one the left, beside a 2nd-gen. And while you can see Google have really simplified the design, they’ve added functionality.

After the initial leak, 9to5Google released more images of the 3rd-generation Chromecast, complete with the new FCC code that specifies this model has Bluetooth!

Credit: 9to5Google

There has already been plenty of speculation as to what the new Bluetooth function could be for – some proposing it may be a remote control for the Chromecast, others suggesting that it’s likely for Bluetooth headphones as they become more and more common.

My best bet is that it’s for streaming. Personally my internet connection is terrible, if I’m streaming Netflix to my Chromecast, there’s no bandwidth left for anyone else in the house. If I could Bluetooth stream from the 4G connection on my phone – it sure would settle a lot of arguments around the house.

Credit: Reddit User /u/BigGigabit

Reddit user /u/BigGigabit went on to confirm that Best Buy do/did have the 3rd-gen Chromecast on display, despite the fact that it wasn’t supposed to be for sale until October 9th.

We’re keen to hear more from Google as to the official functionality of the latest Chromecast and will be sure to bring it all to you here at

Title photo credit: 9to5Google