If you’ve been watching Meat Eater on Netflix a little much and you’re planning an escape from the connected world, then you need to be equipped for your next adventure. At a recent event with Victorinox we witnessed their latest products, many you probably didn’t know existed, but all which will come in handy on that trip.

Grab a Bag

Whether it is a backpack or serious luggage, Victorinox has a size, colour and style to suit you. The Altmont Classic backpacks are strong enough and tough enough for your trip and come with a ten year warranty. Each backpack does come equipped with a bottle opener and screwdriver, some will have pockets for laptops but others will have a slot for that handy Swiss Army Knife. Prices vary from $169 to $229 depending on the style, we loved the khaki coloured Roll top.

Grab a Pocket Knife

From the smallest, fit in your wallet pocket knives to over 100 functions, fit in a box models, Victorinox is making a pocket knife for everyone. There is absolutely one for every budget and some are tailored to your experience or use case. Set aside $50 for one with a bunch of components however we recommend one with a corkscrew for that special bottle of wine you’ll open at the summit of that hike.

No grab a Proper Knife

If a hunt is on the cards or maybe you like to eat your apples in the toughest possible way, the Hunter Pro M Alox is a beautiful and very capable hunting knife that will stand the test of time and won’t let you down. It has an excellent grip and a handy folding mechanism.

Is that the Time?

Victorinox make a large number of watches, from ones ready for adventure to others that work well with a suit, the size of the range will surprise you. The I.N.O.X range are extremely hard wearing and feature a paracord band which will not only grab a lot of attention but also looks so cool. They are usually in a limited edition and most will also ship with a pocket knife so your shopping list may look simple with this one purchase.