Victorinox has your Back for Your Next Adventure

If you’ve been watching Meat Eater on Netflix a little much and you’re planning an escape from the connected world, then you need to be equipped for your next adventure. At a recent event with Victorinox we witnessed their latest products, many you probably didn’t know existed, but all which will come in handy on that trip.

Grab a Bag

Whether it is a backpack or serious luggage, Victorinox has a size, colour and style to suit you. The Altmont Classic backpacks are strong enough and tough enough for your trip and come with a ten year warranty. Each backpack does come equipped with a bottle opener and screwdriver, some will have pockets for laptops but others will have a slot for that handy Swiss Army Knife. Prices vary from $169 to $229 depending on the style, we loved the khaki coloured Roll top.

Grab a Pocket Knife

From the smallest, fit in your wallet pocket knives to over 100 functions, fit in a box models, Victorinox is making a pocket knife for everyone. There is absolutely one for every budget and some are tailored to your experience or use case. Set aside $50 for one with a bunch of components however we recommend one with a corkscrew for that special bottle of wine you’ll open at the summit of that hike.

No grab a Proper Knife

If a hunt is on the cards or maybe you like to eat your apples in the toughest possible way, the Hunter Pro M Alox is a beautiful and very capable hunting knife that will stand the test of time and won’t let you down. It has an excellent grip and a handy folding mechanism.

Is that the Time?

Victorinox make a large number of watches, from ones ready for adventure to others that work well with a suit, the size of the range will surprise you. The I.N.O.X range are extremely hard wearing and feature a paracord band which will not only grab a lot of attention but also looks so cool. They are usually in a limited edition and most will also ship with a pocket knife so your shopping list may look simple with this one purchase.



Living in Sydney his entire life, Geoff has always had a close eye on technology. Through school and immediately after, tech held his focus. Attending University later in life, Geoff began his IT career immediately after leaving high school and has been in the industry ever since. In his spare time he launched a YouTube channel focused on consumer tech that had millions of views. This led to work on community radio talking tech every week and has now stepped him into the studios of 2GB / 4BC every Saturday helping people with tech problems and reviewing the latest gadgets.

When Geoff is looking away from the screen he can be found holding a glass of red wine, spending time with friends and/or watching the Formula 1.

Victorinox has your Back for Your Next Adventure
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