I’ve never used a Tile, one of those Bluetooth tracking devices. But ever since I was tasked with reviewing the new Tile Pro, my life has changed. No longer are my keys or wallet forever mysteriously slipping into a black hole. Plus now what was previously a bit of a drawback when it came to Tile products has been addressed, thanks to user replaceable batteries.

Previously when the Tile battery went flat that was it, a new Tile had to be ordered. The new Tile Mate and Tile Pro will still last up to 12 months but with the added benefit of being able to simply swap out the old battery with a new one.

New Bluetooth LE range technology allows for a range of up to 41 metres for the Tile Mate, surely enough to cover most homes. The Tile Pro Series 2018 more than doubles that with up to 91 metres of coverage and twice the volume frequency of the Tile Mate.

Sending out an SOS for your wallet from the Tile app will produce an almost Game Boy style SFX that is loud enough, in the Tile Pro’s case, to hear from one end of my house to the other. It responds immediately and really is a must for those like me who chronically misplace items of importance.

Even outside of the 41 or 91 metre range you can see the last known location on a map. So, at the very least you’ll know where to send a search party. It’s possible to also share your Tile to another user, so they can ring it via their app and hopefully find it for you.

There’s a handy feature you can unlock via a subscription service that will notify you if you leave home without your important things. Unlocking Tile Premium is free for a month then $3.33/Month for a yearly plan or $3.99 on a month by month plan. This also includes free yearly battery replacements, a 30-day log of location history and extended three-year warranty.

The new Tile Mate retails for $39.95, the Tile Pro $59.95, they’re available at JB HiFi and other major national retailers.