What’s great about running your own business, making your own decisions, and creating your own awards and running them for 10 years is that you get to choose not just the winners but the category’s too. Enter this year’s Best Laptop Design category.

As a team we discussed a few laptops, and sometimes there are products that just have to win an award. This next winner is exactly that kinda deal.

We couldn’t give it “Best Laptop” because on all measure we think the Apple MacBook Air 15 inch really did deserve that one.

BUT – what the LG gram SuperSlim had that Apple did not – was design.

Yes, you read that correctly, LG out designed Apple.

This laptop is super slim – as the name indicates, amazingly light, but it’s powerful and very useful. So it never once felt like a compromise.

We reckon LG should be super proud of what they’ve done here, and if we can see a bit of this innovation push across the lineup, along with consistent price competitiveness and agressive assurance to the market that they are a brand that’s here to stay – there’s big things in LG’s future in the Laptop space.

A worthy winner, the EFTM BEST Award for BEST LAPTOP DESIGN for 2023 is the LG gram SuperSlim