AMAZON BACKFLIP: Aussies can buy from the US Store again

It’s a full backflip from the online retail giant – Amazon has announced that “As a result of customer feedback, from 22 November Amazon customers will be able to ship eligible items from to Australian delivery addresses,” after earlier in the year banning these purchases citing the new overseas shopping GST regulations enforced by the Australian Government.

Turns out, Amazon can just flick the switch and charge GST after all – though, they seem to be struggling to do it on items they don’t warehouse themselves.

Amazon “Marketplace” items, that is, items owned and shipped by companies other than Amazon that are listed on the Amazon site, are not covered by this change.

That may be 50% or more of the standard US store, however, any move toward re-opening the US store to Aussies is certainly a good one while the Aussie warehouses are still stocking just a small percentage of the items available overseas.

It’s a win for the Government in reality and a good win for consumers too.

AMAZON BACKFLIP: Aussies can buy from the US Store again
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