When we first revealed the pricing for LG’s 2018 range of OLED TVs the numbers were steep – as expected, brand new, best in the business – this is top class stuff.

So if you wanted an LG OLED TV, say 65 inches back at the start of the year, the best one is the E8 model – this one looks like the panel is floating on glass, very very cool.

The LG E Series OLED

Back then – the price – RRP – $7,699.  Ouch. Today, approaching the end of the year, the LG website lists the price as $7,099.

However, we’ve stumbled across a cracker deal.  While discussing Hisense’s entry into the OLED market here on this week’s episode of Two Blokes Talking Tech, the price today – is stunning.

Wait for it – $4496 at JB Hi-Fi – yep, you read that right.   40% off the original RRP.  Within a year.

Over at Harvey Norman the deal is the same – $4495, though the difference is Harvey Norman lists it as a limited time sale until November 19 – so you’ve got the weekend to convince the missus to let you shell out $4500 for one of the nicest TVs you’ll ever own.

Go on, you only live once!  Why save money in the bank! – you can’t take it with you!