JBL has launched what is effectively a Bluetooth speaker with built-in DAB+ and FM radio tuner. Now we don’t mind sitting back listening to a bit of WSFM here at EFTM HQ each day, so this really sparked our interest.


Being a JBL/Harman product, you can expect great sound, especially when tuned to DAB+. But in regional, or even some metro areas the digital signal can struggle to get through. To have the benefit of tuning into the FM band could be a major plus for many.

But if you’d like to give the radio a rest and choose your own tunes, as usual there’s wireless streaming capability from your smartphone or tablet. It simply takes the press of a button to switch between the two sources.

One charge should last up to eight hours and a backlit LCD keeps you informed of what’s happening at night. It has been awhile since we’ve seen a DAB+ radio, let alone something like this with multiple capabilities. Plus, it doesn’t have that whole retro look going on that many past products had. The cylinder, yet squared edge product looks great and who doesn’t love the nostalgia of an actual antenna sticking out!

We will have a full review soon. The speaker retails for $129.95.