NEMO Announce the Hornet Hiking Tent – Weighs under 1kg.

I’m pretty sure no one here at EFTM is a hiker, in fact I’m beyond certain. But based on what I’ve been able to ascertain, I’m the only one with camping gear. So strangely that makes me the most outdoorsy person in the office. That was of course until the arrival of my son, now most of my gear is probably covered in cobwebs. Wherever it is.

But back to the point of this article. Outdoor equipment brand NEMO has released a new hiking tent, one that weighs under 1kg. The NEMO Hornet starts at just 900g for the 2P or two-person edition, while the sole 1P model is just 765g. Even with all the accessories like stakes, guy cords, repair kit and optional Hornet Footprint that protects the floor the 2P is still under 950g. If you have someone to walk with through the bush for an extended period you’ll be pleased with the two doors and vestibules, there’s just enough space to avoid a fight.

Better still you can divide the 2P in half via a ‘Unique Divvy’ dual stage stuff sack, equal carrying rights – I’m all for it. The Hornet stays erect thanks to single hubbed pole intersections, while setup is lightening quick.

There’s even more space on offer if you choose. Pitching the triangular shaped cords will allow for 15 per cent more cover. The Hornet’s tub floor has a minimal seam construction for added durability. Handy features like a built-in privacy panel and overhead light pockets add to a pretty handy piece of camping kit.

The NEMO Hornet 1P will set you back $549.95, while the 2P costs $629.95. For more details including stockists click here.

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NEMO Announce the Hornet Hiking Tent – Weighs under 1kg.
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