Kayo – we assume to mean “K-O” the boxing term for a Knock Out is the name for Foxtel’s Fox Sports streaming service and it’s live now ready for you to sign up.

This service was rumoured and also hinted at by Foxtel CEO Patrick Delaney, and at first glance, it’s a cracker.

For those who had used Foxtel Now to access Fox Sports – cancel that subscription because Kayo is for you.

$25 and you’ve got the world of Fox Sports at your fingertips, live content, replay content and on-demand shows – the library looks immense.

There are two subscription options – $25 and $35, with the more expensive “Premium” allowing 3 screens to view content at any one time, up from the two in the basic package.

Right now there is no app, however streaming in browser on mobile is seamless, high quality and offers both Airplay and Chromecast options.

Streaming from your PC is the same, though on a Mac using Safari I’m not seeing Chromecast.

Signup process was very very fast, and once you’re in you get to customise the experience by choosing the sports you’re into and the teams you support – this gives you your own unique home page of options to watch, both live and on demand.

At our first 15 minute look, seriously impressive stuff.

It goes completely against the crazy price hike that kicked in for Foxtel Now, and could result in large numbers of people ditching their expensive Foxtel Subscriptions in favour of this portable streaming option.

Apps, Apple TV and Telstra TV are coming soon – so why you’d pay more than $25 to get Fox Sports is beyond me.

Unless you want 4K – that’s Foxtel’s new, and now only real selling point.  Whether people really want to pay for 4K is really yet to be seen.

Web: kayosports.com.au