We love being connected, and we also love a great Aussie summer’s day – so how can we be connected if our WiFi is at its best indoors. Easy – Netgear have just announced Orbi Outdoor!

Made to fit into any existing Orbi network system – as well as many other WiFi routers, Orbi Outdoor is a single satellite box that expands your network further – in this case, outdoors so your backyard is as connected as your lounge room.

When you consider how much we’re streaming music and TV, including sports, it makes sense to ensure that connection is consistent no matter where we are at home.

Installation is easy – just using the Orbi app or at the push of a button meaning it’s setup and ready almost instantly out of the box.

“Orbi Outdoor Satellite is an exciting new addition to our family of Orbi WiFi Systems. WiFi is now considered a basic home utility. When you turn the faucet tap, you expect water to flow. When you flip a switch, you expect the lights to glow. It’s the same for WiFi” said David Henry, senior vice president of Connected Home for NETGEAR.

After a firmware upgrade, Orbi Outdoor can also operate as an extender on any other network, meaning you can use this and not have to create an entire Orbi Network at home.

The Orbi Outdoor Satellite is available now, for a suggested retail price of $549.