The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is now under a month away. You can expect to see this site flooded with news on the latest tech products, some I’m sure we will find remarkable others simply quirky. One example that we’ll look at is a new device called EyeForcer.

I hadn’t heard of the term “Text Neck” but I’ve discovered the phrase describes posture issues that develop overtime due to the use of technology. If you’re using either your smartphone or laptop right now have a think about how your neck is positioned while reading this. There’s a good chance your head is bent forward, with your spine and shoulders in a hunched position.

In order to avoid looking like Quasimodo a company called Medical Wearable Solutions designed EyeForcer. The glasses are paired with an app and feature sensors that know when your neck resembles a Swan. Flashing lights in the side of the glasses will strobe every time you tilt too far forward. The app can also send you a push notification via your smartphone reminding you to sit up straight.

The glasses also have lenses that are said to help eliminate Digital Eye Strain. EyeForcer is compatible with iOS and Android and can be fitted with prescription lenses. We look forward to donning a set at CES in Vegas!