For the Forza fans among us, our man Trevor did a full review a few months agoand completely nerded out over the game for weeks. And it’s much to his delight that the team at Playground Studios have released the new ‘Fortune Island’ DLC, check it out;

The expansion is included if you bought the ‘Ultimate Edition’ or any of the ‘Add-Ons’ bundles with the original title and it’s looking pretty damn good.

While we haven’t had a chance to play it yet, we’ve been told that the expansion gives you the chance to “navigate the sheer cliffside roads of Laufey’s Throne…. Get slideways through a massive drift zone on the Needle Climb – the largest paved mountain switchback road in Forza Horizon history. From the forests of Oldlarch Forest to the mysterious sunken village of Fenholm, Fortune Island rewards the curious and the brave alike.

On top of all the terrain modifications and awesome new locations, the expansion is home to trecherous weather conditions, inclusive of; atmospheric storms, driving wind, lightning strikes, and the Aurora Borealis. THE AURORA BOREALIS. The ‘natural electrical phenomenon’ that looks a little like this;

That alone is almost a whole reason to buy the expansion…

If you are so inclined, you can pick up the ‘Fortune Island’ DLC on the Xbox & Windows Store for $29.95 AUD.