Over a year ago I added some new lights to my home-office – Nanoleaf Aurora. I loved them, so cool, something very different. This year, they’re back with something new and evolved – the Nanoleaf Canvas – which has the same benefits, but suffers from some of the same problems.

How great is creating something very unique, something new, it’s a statement in your home. Imagine this:

That’s crazy – cannot imagine the cost (a lot), and I worry it might be a big over the top.

So lets be more simple:

Better. And that’s what we went for in the EFTM Office with the Nanoleaf Canvas Starter pack.

In the box are 8 standard “tiles” and one controller “tile”. They join together with SIM card like tabs as per the Aurora.

Power them up, and you’re running. You don’t need to control them via an app, but it’s better that way to create your own colours and styles.

Built into Canvas is a microphone so you can have the Canvas respond to sound – something that was an add-on for the Aurora triangles.

Sadly, I left this project to Bowen, he butchered it. But we worked hard and got it fixed with just a bit of paint peeled off the wall. You see it comes with that removable tape stuff, but that only works if you can access the tape and pull it. What you need is to plan it out, set it up and get it working all sat out on the floor – then move it part by part onto the wall starting with the controller.

Of course, it still suffers with a cable hanging off the wall – so making your Canvas part of your existing design is critical.

The big feature this year is touch – the Canvas can respond to your touch, changing colours, sending a wave out from your touch – amazing stuff and very cool. Kids will love it!

Nanoleaf Canvas’ biggest issue is the starter pack just isn’t enough to really make a compelling design out of. You need double or more to really impress and create a pattern you might love. That gets pricey.

The starter kit is $319.99, while the 4 square expansion pack is $109.99.

They’re selling at JB Hi-Fi and would be ideal for someone who loves their smart home and intelligent lighting.

Don’t let the kids see this:

They’ll want that:)

[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Nanoleaf Canvas ” rev_body=”Amazing lighting, great system, excellent new features, limited by the price and size of starter kit” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2018-12-05″ user_review=”3.8″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]