Have you got more than one Vodafone account in your family?  Time to jump on the loyalty train and hop on down to Vodafone and reap some rewards in the form of sweet sweet discounts.

They call it “Bundle and Save” and claim it to be unlike any other telco reward program in Australia.

The discounts start at 5% for two services, going up to 20% if you’ve got five services.

This includes Post-Paid Mobile, Mobile Broadband and NBN 50 and 100 plans.

Vodafone Chief Commercial Officer Ben McIntosh says they saw the gap in the market and worked to perfect this offer “We looked at what other markets around the world were doing to reward their customers and realised that Australia was lagging behind. We wanted to be the telco to challenge the status quo,” he said.

“Through our rigorous research, we found that, first and foremost, customers want to be rewarded for their loyalty.

“Unlike the legacy telcos, we reward customers by discounting every single eligible service under Bundle and Save. For example, a customer with two new $60 Sim only services will save $72 a year and a family with five eligible services will save $720. That’s a family’s Christmas presents, completely on us.

“The competition will not work as hard as we will to earn your loyalty and save you money. The advice from us is to give yourself an early Christmas present, do your research and find yourself a better deal.” 


Now, hold my calls, I’ve got to go claim my discount for my service, my wife’s, my son’s and our NBN!