It’s day three here at CES, so if you think the following words are the rantings of a mad man I completely understand. I’m tired, emotional and sick of walking 48 kilometres every day. But here’s another pearler.

If you want to keep the kids happy in the back seat, then Audi’s VR extravaganza is the ultimate solution. The brand has co-founded a start-up company, holoride GmbH, that will allow content such as movies and video games to be consumed while on the go.

At the Audi CES stand a tailored-made demonstration created by Disney and Marvel studios is using a video game called Avengers: Rocket’s Rescue Run. Backseat passengers view the game through VR glasses in an Audi A8. The game responds to how the car is actually being driven, so if the driver takes a right the spaceship you’re in will too. If the driver floors it so will the ship.

“Creative minds will use our platform to come up with fascinating worlds that turn the journey from A to B into a real adventure,” said Nils Wollny, Head of Digital Business at Audi, and future CEO of holoride.

“We can only develop this new entertainment segment by adopting a co-operative, open approach for vehicle, device and content producers.”

Sounds like crazy talk hey. But the technology will eventually lead to endless opportunities. Audi claim the software could range from “arcade games, underwater adventures and space exploration to educational trips through historical cities or the human bloodstream.”

Like most things here at CES this concept is not available commercially, but given the money being spent on such products it seems to me the future is going to wild.