The tech goliath Dell for their first announcement of CES 2019 have announced what they’re calling a ‘commercial convertible’ laptop – the latest update in the Latitude series, the Latitude 7400.

One of the biggest selling points they’re pushing for the new 7 series Latitude is the new Dell ‘Express Sign In’, making this laptop the first with a proximity sensor. As you approach the Latitude 7400 it will automatically sign you in, as you walk away it will sign you out! Dell say this is to assist the professional on-the-go who might be between meetings or running around throughout the day.

This proximity sensor is working off Intel technology that can operate facial recognition up to 3 metres away. I’m interest to see how accurate and quick it is in practice, as well as what sort of effect having a proximity sensor will have on the device battery,

The screen is a solid 14-inches with thin bezels. From what we’ve seen so far it seems to have really solid hinges and a significant number of ports (something you really can’t compromise on in a business device.

Dell are boasting an 80% charge in one hour, which is clearly aiming to be the best battery in a 2-in-1 device. While we don’t have any Australian pricing yet, the new Latitude 7400 2-in-1 will be a cracking device in 2019.