Fixing your Google Pixel phone using genuine parts is now easier, with iFixit in the US now offering parts and tools to repair your device. 

The availability of parts is in response to a growing right to repair movement in the US as well as other countries, which has seen companies like Apple respond by making parts, instructions and tools available to repair agents in the US late last year. It’s a real boon for Australian Pixel users, who previously have had to send phones to the official repair agent CTDI in Singapore, with the option to now perform the repairs themselves in their own homes – or at their repair agent of choice.

The parts, tools and even calibration software are being made available thanks to a partnership between Google and iFixit which was announced back in April, though the parts have only just become available through their online store which can be found at,

The iFixit store offers a pretty wide array of genuine Pixel parts for all Pixel models, which includes Screens, batteries, charging ports, adhesives, and rear cameras that can be shipped directly to Australia, as well as to the US, UK, Canada and European countries. 

Pricing is pretty decent. A genuine Pixel 5 screen (plus the tools required) priced at $204.99, while a Pixel 6 camera assembly is priced at $164.99 with shipping just $16.77 on top and an option to express ship for a little more. 

The iFixit team have been seemingly prepping for this for years, having prepared easy to follow device teardown and repair guides for every Pixel model available. The iFiixt team and Google are also promising to make parts and guides available for upcoming Pixel phones including the about to launch Pixel 6a. 

I’m pretty keen for this as I have been known to be a bit of a butter fingers on occasion. You can check out the range of new Pixel phone parts on the Australian iFixit store now.