If you’re into your plonk, then this innovation may blow your mind. A new wine app has been developed that is being coined as “Facebook for wine”. It’s a platform developed by US based company My Wine Society that connects wineries with like-minded people in a fun, connected community.

The CEO of My Wine Society Sean Evans paired with industry entrepreneur Jeremy Wong and Skylab apps to develop the concept. Users can interact, share, explore and be rewarded in a game-like way to really broaden their passion. “We were able to leverage a technology company that specializes in the science of engagement, to create a unique app platform that centers around creating the global wine community. With that we’re giving a place for wineries to uniquely communicate with their customers in a way that feels organic and complete, so they don’t lose touch with people” said Sean Evans.

Rewards include discounts, promo codes and free wine deals for those who go heavy commenting, sharing and liking via the app. Via various channels users can seek and find information on recipes, lifestyle, travel and more. 

It’s currently available via the App Store and Google Play but currently doesn’t include Australian or New Zealand wineries. But speaking exclusively to EFTM CEO Sean Evans said, “My Wine Society was built on the premise that wineries globally needed a mobile platform to help tell their story and get their brand in front of the next generation of wine consumers.  For wineries based outside of the U.S, we provide a platform that allows them to get in front of the US consumer and connect with them beyond Facebook ads and email targeting.

“We provide a listing similar to a Yelp or TripAdvisor for wineries that allows users to find and engage with wineries around the world.  We are expanding to Australia in February 2019 to include wineries in WA and hope to expand to the East Coast of Australia in April 2019.  We expect to eclipse 160,000 users globally by the end of the year and are excited to bring visibility to wineries in Australia to all of those wine enthusiasts!”

There’s an app for everything!

Web: www.mywinesociety.com