As a child I loved ice-blocks or at primary school we had zooper-doopers. A great tasting, frozen treat. Perfect for summer. Here is the adults version you can make yourself.


Zoku make these really inexpensive ice pop kits that will do the trick. Yes, you can use this kit to make healthy ice pops for the kids and the theme is very appealing to children however if you don’t have kids, or want to treat yourself, this is perfect.


The kit is great, six ice pops with holders, and it’s ready to go, straight out of the box.


Take your favourite mixed drink, UDL, Vodka O, Smirnoff mixer and slowly poor them into the moulds. Don’t fill it to the line it recommends as a fizzy drink in the freezer will expand and you don’t want the mess. Give it some breathing space in the moulds and then put it into the freezer overnight.

Next step, finish off the remainder of the bottle (the moulds won’t fit it all).

The ice pops are a great way to cool down on a hot day, treat yourself with a childhood favourite but with an adult twist.

Please be responsible when drinking… or sucking on an ice pop.