When you get into GoPro usage you really start to use them a lot – and one thing we all struggle with is storing the images and videos we take.

GoPro is taking the hassle out of that with a $7.50 per month subscription service offering unlimited cloud storage.

“GoPros are used to capture life’s most meaningful experiences, and GoPro Plus provides the peace of mind that your memories will be preserved in one place with the uncompromised image quality GoPro is known for,” said GoPro founder and CEO, Nick Woodman. 

Using the GoPro Plus service you can offload all the images from your GoPro to your phone, then they are backed up automatically to the cloud. No need for a Computer connection, frankly, no need to ever remove the SD card from the GoPro!

There’s other benefits too – with discounts on GoPro mounts and accessories at GoPro.com at 50% off!

This is up from the previous 20% discount for Plus users, but still offers the “you Break It, We’ll Replace it” damaged camera guarantee – though that’s not available in Australia yet – hopefully later this year!

Web: GoPro Plus page at GoPro.com