It’s one thing to wear your favourite sporting teams jersey to the shops, but what about donning a shirt with your go-to alcoholic beverage emblazoned on it? Well for lovers of FIREBALL, that crazy blend of Canadian cinnamon and whisky has a range of new merch!

Via the FIREBALL site you can purchase the latest FIREBALL streetwear, barware and accessories. The streetwear collection includes T-shirt designs by known artistic genius, Travis Price.

If you’re feeling totally comfortable with yourself why not squeeze into a pair of speed-style swimmers created with the guys from Budgy Smuggler. The smugglers feature the FIREBALL dragon, so you won’t go unnoticed at the beach.

These lunatics also offer a pretty wild 2019 calendar that features a granny firefighter, parties gone wild and well I won’t even touch on December. But as they say in the classics there’s still more with shot glasses, bar mats and even a flask.

Finally, in the pipeline are LED/NEON FIREBALL signs, vests and tanks, trucker hats and skateboard decks. Wild stuff for a wild drop.