When an emergency happens those responsible for saving lives and cleaning up need to get in fast. Hyundai has come up with a rapid solution, vehicle’s that walk via movable legs, not too dissimilar to the “Walkers” seen in Star Wars!

The technology is called Elevate and is the first Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV). It harnesses technology found in electric cars and robots.

The walking rescue vehicles can clearly go way beyond any off-road machine. But also have the ability to be scaled down to a smaller level to simply come to your house and whisk you away, even for those that are incapacitated. For example, the wheelchair bound.

“When a tsunami or earthquake hits, current rescue vehicles can only deliver first responders to the edge of the debris field. They have to go the rest of the way by foot. Elevate can drive to the scene and climb right over flood debris or crumbled concrete,” said John Suh, Vice President and Head of Hyundai CRADLE.

“This technology goes well beyond emergency situations. People living with disabilities worldwide that don’t have access to an ADA ramp could hail an autonomous Hyundai Elevate that could walk up to their front door, level itself, and allow their wheelchair to roll right in. The possibilities are limitless.”