BEST 2020 Tablet

EFTM Best Tablet 2020: Apple iPad Air

I’ve looked through the records, and Apple hasn’t been beaten for Best Tablet, since the 2014 Awards went to the iPad Mini.

I am a massive fan of Samsung’s latest tablet, and their 5G connectivity was enough to get it over the line for sure. Until the new iPad Air.

Samsung’s Tab S7 beats the iPad Pro on value, and it beats the 8th generation iPad on features and performance.

But, the iPad Air is the best of both worlds, plus it’s a great design.

I can see the iPad Air doing good things for iPad sales, very refreshing design for those who’ve had an iPad for many years.

It’s best feature, strangely, is bringing back TouchID – that, plus colours like Green and Blue:)

BEST 2020 Tablet

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EFTM Best Tablet 2020: Apple iPad Air
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