Hyundai has come up with a plan to help overcome overstayers at electric charging locations. Known as the Automated Valet Parking System (AVPS) the concept would relocate fully charged cars, allowing waiting EV’s to move into position. 

After telling the vehicle to charge via a smartphone app, the software allows the car to automatically cruise to a vacant wireless charging station. It would even be possible for the driver to summon the car sometime later to wherever the owner is located. 

The process links the electric vehicle, parking facility, charging system and finally the driver. For now this tech of course won’t work with any EV car on the market, but it would be fantastic to solve the current problem of being ICE’d. This is where an Internal Combustion Engine vehicle decides to park in an EV charging spot.

Hyundai is considering bringing the technology to market when level 4 autonomous vehicle abilities come onboard around the year 2025.