Apple revealed Garage Band to the world in 2004, an amazing bit of software that allowed you to create music – without actual instruments – right on your Mac.

Fast Forward seven years and the whole thing turned on its head when Apple created Garage Band for iPad and then iPhone.

Whatever the platform, Garage Band allows you to record music, but also create music from scratch.

For budding musicians it might be a hobby, for the big names it may be part of their creative process. A documentary in 2008 showed Edge from U2 using Garage Band on his laptop.

Whole songs have been produced using Garage Band.

But for me, the ultimate example of Garage Band’s greatness is this:

Look I never quite mastered the whole thing, but the basic Guitar intro I did have nailed for a while there. Loads of fun.

The other one to try if you’re looking to show off is some Gunners:

Happy Birthday Garage Band, may you bring many more people hours of musical joy for many years to come.