Apparently building flying drones was getting too easy for the engineers of the world, so they’ve started on the underwater ones. Underwater drones that can follow you around, film in 4K and also be controlled from above… introducing the iBubble.

Now I can’t speak to exactly how beneficial this would be from a diving point of view as I’m terrified of deep water but the ability to go ‘diving’ without having to put a toe in? Yes… big yes.

As you can see the iBubble sports a standard GoPro in the waterproof casing at the very front of the device, which may or may not be included in retail.

The iBubble has an hour of battery life and a max depth of 60 metres. It also comes with a remote to control the filming angles in autonomous mode… groovy.

I’m not entirely sure how common a drone like the iBubble will be into the future, but it has a whole lot of really practical uses. The only addition I’d like to see is some sort of grabbing mechanism to save you ever having to jump in!

When it makes it to market later this year, we’ll see three separate models. One for filming, one for film+wireless control and a premium model for deeper diving, extra batteries and a hardcase. We expect the iBubble to retail anywhere from $5,000 to $7,500 AUD… Not exactly for a Sunday at the beach with the kids.