Would you believe that in the event of a fire, being behind a closed door could provide MINUTES of extra time? Well you should, because it’s an easily believable fact. One that the team at Lifedoor have leveraged a product out of.

LifeDoor is a smart-‘hinge’ for lack of a better word. When it detects the sound of your pre-existing fire alarm, it performs four simple tasks.

Firstly, it closes the door to protect you from super heated smoke and toxic gases.

Secondly it will illuminate the room with a built-in light. I can’t imagine there’s a worse scenario than waking up to a burning house and tripping over your rug to find the light switch.

The LifeDoor will then sound a secondary alarm right there in the room to ensure that everyone in the vicinity is wide awake.

Last but not least a notification is then sent out to the registered devices to make sure that you know your house is burning down… in case you didn’t already know for a range of reasons. Else send the notification to your neighbors!

The LifeDoor is yet to launch so we’re not too sure what price point it will come at, but naturally it’s one of those products where price typically isn’t a determining factor.