Those familiar with Lenovo ThinkPad laptops know them as a beast in the business industry – they’re designed as light, thin, productivity-centric machines. And from what we’ve seen so far at CES, they’re only getting better.

X1 Yoga

The announcements include the ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7th Gen and ThinkPad X1 Yoga 4th Gen. Both of which now boast being; lighter, geared with 8th-Gen Intel processors and a Dolby Atmos speaker configuration.

X1 Carbon

Lenovo have also added a new display option to the range that includes a lower power 400 nit FHD display with PrivacyGuard. I’m really not sure what use that has outside of banks or simply hating people around you but it’s a cool option nonetheless.

Naturally as these have just been announced we’re unsure when we’ll see them in Australia or what price they’ll come at but keep your eyes out for these premium devices.