Bosch have used CES press day to launch their new campaign for the Internet of Things. Cutting through the truly horrible jokes delivered by the Global and USA heads of Bosch, we got to see the Bosch vision for the future of IoT.

Bosch takes its role in the IoT very seriously. It sees its main area for growth being software development. In fact, 20% of the 400000 strong Bosch workforce are software developers.

Importantly, Bosch is adamant that they are only interested in developing aspects of IoT that improve their customers lives. This, they say, is non-negotiable. The Bosch CEO insists that the company be known for “reliable, hardworking IoT that just works”. Sounds like music to my ears.

Major focus areas for Bosch include further development of automation in the automotive industry and home appliances.

Keep an eye out for the catchy “#likeabosch” advertising campaign; it’s not entirely horrible.