Yeah I had no idea what a smart water assistant was either but it turns out that I both want and need one. The premise is that you attach the Phyn to your plumbing/piping arrangements and it’s able to detect a whole range of things, starting with leaks.

Because really how else would you know? Maybe your water bill goes up by $50? Wouldn’t you just assume you used more water? Well the money adds up over time and I’m not out here handing out cash for nothing.

On top of leak detection, the Phyn is also capable of measuring water usage, shutting the water off in the event of a serious issue, frozen pipe alerts, pressure build ups and daily diagnostic tests.

Phyn Plus is a smart home device and can naturally be controlled with smart home hubs such as Alexa – “Ask Phyn Plus how much water have I used today?“. Which is definitely something I’ve never even remotely considered doing before but I’m excited by the prospect.

They currently only ship to the US but as a member of the Belkin family, we’re hoping to see the Phyn Plus in Australia soon.