This has been an epic CES here in Las Vegas with some of the biggest crowds we’ve seen.

So as the show draws to a close it’s time to look at our favourite products, innovations and concepts from the show floor.

Here are our 2019 EFTM Best of CES Award Winners:

Bloody Ripper Idea

BreadBot – A machine that makes not one loaf of bread, but continuously bakes bread from a mix. Then, serves them up via a vending machine. That’s a bloody ripper idea that could bring hot fresh bread to retail stores that don’t have the space for a bakery.

Best Sound

Sony Turntable with Wireless – Sure it’s “just another turntable”, but this thing goes the next level because it’s got Bluetooth meaning you can pair with your headphones or speaker and enjoy vinyl with ease!

Best Gadget

The French Geoffrey – This little guy can navigate your house to bring you beer or snacks on command, there’s no argument here. Winner.

Best Accessory

Mercedes & Garmin Vivoactive 3 – At first glance it was a gimmick, but this is a real world product coming to the new CLA. Your car knows more about you and might just adjust some settings to suit your current status based on heart rate and other factors. Nice integration!

Best Automotive

Jeep Gladiator – The boys reckon this thing will be a big hit when it comes to Australia later this year. It’s a bold looking vehicle that will shake up the Dual-Cab market for sure.

Best Safety Tech

Lifedoor – So much more than a smoke detector. Life door is part of your door hinge, and when smoke is detected the door will close – potentially giving you more time and reducing smoke in rooms, plus it lights up to help you find your way. Nice work.

Best Innovation

Trolley Bot – This little automated trolley takes a load off you by following you around with your groceries or shopping. Ideal for the elderly who might struggle to lift bags or pull a trolley along.

Best Concept

Bell Nexus Air Taxi – It’s stunning. I mean, wow. Just on looks alone this thing wins, but when you factor in the likelyhood that this will change transportation so much, and possibly before the autonomous car – it’s our pick for best Concept of CES 2019.

Best Smart Home

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 960 (AI) – Take all the goodness of the Deebot and add a camera along with a whole heap of smart software and we’re starting to really see what these things can do. This will be available in Australia this year, and will stop and move away when it “sees” cables or socks on the floor, and will be constantly updated with new learnings.

Best of the Best

LG OLED R – No question. A TV that rolls up? A TV that’s there when you need it and gone when you don’t. And it’s OLED. This is the best consumer TV innovation this year and is worthy of our top award – the EFTM Best of the Best.

Flispy Approved

Continental Smart Door – No more door dings from the kids swinging open the door onto a bollard. Continental are looking at the kind of sensor tech we use to stop cars bumping into others when parking to stop kids flinging that side door open onto a wall or something. Great work! Flipsy Approved!