By far the largest of their 2019 TV range, this 98-inch beast is set with the Quantum Processor 8K chip to handle the leg work and deliver a quality QLED image.

They’re heavily promoting the processors ability to upscale from lower quality content, which is CRUCIAL on an 8K television as there is currently no 8K content available. Now quality could be a serious issue here as 98-inch’s is nothing to laugh at… if the scaling isn’t up to scratch you’ll be sure to notice the difference.

The big claim here is that “Samsung’s proprietary AI-based technology can recognise and upscale any content, regardless of the native resolution, to near pristine 8K quality.” – Now the jury is definitely still out on this but a huge claim nonetheless.

There are some updates to software in the form of Universal Guide that are using AI tech in order to offer suggestions of your subscription services, keeping content that you’re actually interested in at the forefront of your TV.

And as we’ve already heard here at CES – all Samsung 2019 TV’s and some older models through firmware updates will all be shipped with iTunes & Airplay support.

There’s currently no news on pricing or availability in Australia.