Alongside their latest Bespoke appliance additions, Samsung has also announced their new Bespoke Infinite Line refrigerator. The new Infinite Line refrigerator combines a more premium aesthetic with new convenient features including an Auto Open Door feature.

The new premium refrigerator is available in fridge, freezer or wine cellar models, and features a ‘contemporary modular design’ made from a range of high-quality, durable materials with premium finishing including Greige finish and elegant gold copper edge frame which can be customised and combined to blend into any kitchen. 

The interior of the refrigerator includes Black Metal Cooling and Tunnel Lighting for a refined, elegant look – with the Black Metal Cooling also helping to keep food fresher for longer by compensating for heat loss. The Tunnel lighting on the shelves and frame allow for clear views throughout your fridge.

The Infinite Line refrigerator will be easier to pack with the Auto Open Door feature that opens with a simple touch of the sensor built-in to the side. The lack of door handle will also add to the modern look.

Samsung has also included an AutoFill pitcher, giving you easy access to cold filtered water at any time. There’s also a built-in infuser letting you add fruits or herbs for a delicious, refreshing beverage and you can use the Dual Auto Ice Maker to make whisky ball or cubed ice.

The Bespoke Infinite line refrigerators include flexible storage options, including an independently controlled drawer with two preset temperatures to store meat and fish, or fruits and vegetables, preserving their flavours and textures. 

The Wine Cellar model can also optimise freshness for wine storage with three separate climate zones and temperature controls. The glass door is also triple glazed with UV protection to protect the wine from harmful UV rays. It also integrates with the Samsung SmartThings app, with the SmartThings Sommelier at Home app helping you store wine at optimal conditions by analysing the labels. 

SmartThings will also help reduce the energy footprint of the Bespoke Infinite Line refrigerator, by optimising energy use, reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money. 


Jeremy Senior, Vice-President- Consumer Electronics, Samsung Australia, said:

“Samsung Infinite is a new class of premium appliances that caters to the growing consumer demand for affordable customisable built-in luxury appliances with timeless designs. Samsung Infinite will offer discerning Australian consumers an elevated experience that’s more in tune with how they use their fridge today, prioritising flexibility and convenience through high performance features, and SmartThings to enable richer dining experiences at home.”

Samsung Australia have advised that the Bespoke Infinite Line Refrigerator will expand to countries including Australia with a launch expected in Q2 2023.

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