From home, to the workplace and even on the commute – Samsung is making moves in the smart home and connected device market in the name of intelligence and intuition.

In the home we’re talking about products such as Family Hub. Family Hub is Samsung’s connected fridge that we’ve reviewed here at EFTM and it’s getting some updates – namely Bixby. The addition of Samsung’s voice assistant means you can now talk directly to your fridge and get a visual response for kitchen related activities like cooking, preheating the smart oven, etc;

Samsung also have you set in the workplace announcing the ‘Space Monitor’ that you can read more about here. It was pushed alongside the new Notebook 9 Pro and Notebook Odyssey gaming laptop for some serious productivity.

The next space Samsung are attacking is the car, showcasing that drivers can remotely check how much petrol is in the tank, set the car temperature and recognizes specific drivers and passengers and sets up the car’s personal space accordingly… This tech is in partnership with Harman and they’re calling it the Digital Cockpit;

All-in-all some BIG announcements by Samsung in the connected living space – and if there’s one thing you can be sure of it’s that we’ll be getting our hands on them as soon as possible.