Sennheiser are a brand synonymous with quality. When they make a product they make sure to do it properly, which is why when I got my hands on the Momentum True Wireless I knew I was in for a good time. The blocky nature of the Momentum’s is one that I’ve traditionally not enjoyed, preferencing the style of the Huawei Freebuds or Apple Airpods– but I found these significantly more comfortable than anticipated.

The good

  • Fantastic sound quality.
  • The fit is surprisingly comfortable.
  • Great functionality.
  • Wonderful customization through the Smart Control app.

The bad

  • Phenomenally expensive.
  • The controls are too sensitive.

The verdict

Retailing for $499.95, it’s incredibly hard to recommend the Momentum True Wireless. They’re a fantastic product, with brilliant sound quality and some groovy function but that’s one hell of a price tag for wireless earbuds. If you’ve got the money and prefer this style of earbud over the classic look, you’ll be buying a really high quality product.

The two most important qualities of a pair of earbuds are sound quality and fit. And the sound quality of the Momentum True Wireless is exceptional. I knew within 15 seconds of putting them in. All of the treble notes cut through crystal clear and the base was present without being distracting. We’re not going so far as too say true hi-fi quality, but for a pair of in-ear buds they’re brilliant.

At the wild price point the Momentums’s are on shelf for, you would expect them to fit perfectly… Thankfully they absolutely do – included in the box are a wide range of rubber tips to ensure these fit completely and comfortably. They look a little like this;

Comfort and durability are key. By that I mean to say that if you can’t wear a set of earbuds for more than half an hour, what use is it on a train? During a workout? The best thing about multiple sizes is that you ensure you’ve got the best set of earbuds to suit.

One of the features of the Momentum True Wireless is what they call “transparent hearing”, it refers to the ability to hear your surroundings even with the earbuds in. Something we’ve seen in a few other products at a physical level, and in the noise cancelling space, but it was cool to see it in these.

My biggest operational gripe with the Momentum True Wireless is the “metallic spin ring” used for touch control. There’s no way to normally put in or remove the earbuds without touching the controls. It just… doesn’t work… As you can see there isn’t any physical button, it’s a cool little metal plate – but that also means that it’s incredibly difficult to not press it. The actual functionality of those buttons is kind of cool though;

  • Tap the left control once, you’ll pause/play music.
  • Tap the right control once, you’ll activate your voice assistant.
  • Hold the left control, volume decreases.
  • Hold the right control, volume increases.
  • Double tap the right control to enable/disable the ambient hearing function.

And I’ll stop the list there because there are a few too many minute controls but you understand what I’m getting at… there’s a whole lot of functionality.

If you’ve got the money for it, the Momentum True Wireless by Sennheiser are a great product that you can pick up for $499.95 at the Sennheiser store or at Harvey Norman.