So it seems the trend is personal cooling this summer, we’ve looked at a large portable Air Conditioner which can cool you and your mates together, what about this little one from Evavpolar – the evaSMART is a ultra portable personal air conditioner for your desk or side table.

The aim of Evapolar is to tackle the issue of rising energy costs by asking the question “do you need to cool that whole room”?

Think about it, you’re sitting there watching TV or reading a book, how much is that split system or ducted air conditioning system drawing in power and therefore hitting your back pocket.

This little evaSMART draws on a tiny amount of power to cool down your personal space.

Fill it with water and you’ll get eight hours cooling – and it doesn’t even need to plug into the wall. You can power it from your laptop, or even a portable battery you would normally use to charge your smartphone.

“Australia is a unique market for Evapolar. For different countries we see different use cases of Evapolar personal air conditioners but in Australia there is a combination of them,” Irina Yakubovskaya, Business Development Director for Evapolar said.

“We are thrilled to be entering the market that has so many early adopters of innovative technologies, real gadget lovers, outdoors lifestyle enthusiasts, people who really care about the use of electricity and looks for energy-efficient solutions and those who opt for better quality and mindful living,” she said.

“A personal air conditioner means you no longer need to please everyone – whether you’re at home or the office, you can now regulate your own temperature without having to worry if the aircon is too hot or cold – everyone can adjust the temperature to suit their individual needs,” Ms Yakubovskaya said.

It’s not cheap, at $360 it’s a bigger commitment than a $12 USB Fan – but it’s also doing a whole lot more.

Purifying and Humidifying the air means a more healthy environment for you, plus you can set it to match your mood or environment with a full colour wheel on your smartphone or the top touch controller to change the colour of the light shining through the water tank.

Using the smartphone app is pretty much for convenience, all the features there are available on the unit itself, however with Alexa integration now and Google and Apple HomeKit to come, there’s some likely hood that voice control for your evaSMART might be coming your way very soon.

Great little gadget for the temperature sensitive – even in a big office. It’s not too loud at low to moderate fan speeds so shouldn’t annoy your desk buddy too much.

Web: Evapolar